Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Dunce's Cap

The £86,000 cap is easily 80 per cent of the value of many a house on the Red Wall. The Conservative Party remains clueless as to who and where its voters now were.

The same is true of the Elections Bill. The Guardian is right to gloat that the people who turned scores of seats blue, usually by very small margins, are going to disenfranchised, while the Starmerites of the public sector middle class are going to keep their votes.

Not only that, though. As The Guardian does not mention, but might have done, its own core readers, who hate Boris Johnson and "the Tories" even more than they hated Jeremy Corbyn, are going to be responsible for enforcing this law. £86,000 is nowhere near 80 per cent of the value of their houses.


  1. The Guardian has come round to what you've been saying about this Bill from the get go.

    1. It is always nice when people get there in the end.