Monday, 6 September 2021

Changing The Subject

Peerages, baronetcies and knighthoods were invented to be sold. They have acquired other purposes, but that was their original purpose, and they have never lost it. Normally, you have to cross decidedly less philanthropic palms than those of the Prince of Wales's charities. In 96 years, the law banning the practice has never changed a thing. 

It is, however, an altogether more serious matter to sell British citizenship. An application supported by the Heir to the Throne would be bound to succeed, and Michael Fawcett has promised that in writing in return for financial contributions. One of Prince Charles's charities was Fawcett's employer when he wrote that letter, so he was not without personal pecuniary interest.

Fawcett has twice already had to leave the Prince's employ, only to be eased back in when things had died down. He is a very, very, very close courtier. And Norman Baker is a serious politician who has been treated as a crank because he has dared to point out that the authorised version of the death of Dr David Kelly was physically impossible. What, therefore, does he expect to happen in this case? Are the Police going to arrest a man who could only be guilty if so were Prince Charles? Is the Crown Prosecution Service going to charge such a man?


  1. How right you are, the sale of citizenship is the scandal here, the sale of honours goes on all the time.

    1. Yet the sale of citizenship is being almost completely ignored. That does make you wonder who else is at it.