Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Better News?

GB News made the mistake of assuming that because a lot of people had agreed with Nigel Farage about Brexit, then a lot of people agreed with him about everything else, too.

Whether as an electoral bloc or as a commercial market, that constituency does not exist. That is now clear beyond doubt, both from this year's election results, and from the distinct possibility that some GB News programmes might have had no viewers whatever.

But those crowing about the demise of GB News, which of the others is any better? Which of them gives a platform to proponents of economic equality and of international peace?


  1. Paul Embery is on it but he is never asked about economic policy.

    1. Telling.

      Embery is the answer to the question, "Whatever happened to Blue Labour?" And he is not stuck in the froth about "community" and "identity". He has an economic programme that is both very specific and very, very good.