Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Based on Intelligence

We have never bombed Shamima Begum's side in Syria. We have bombed the side that she went there to fight. She went there to join the side that we were backing there, but bombing in Iraq. All three British parties are now back under the control of such ignorant maniacs. As for Begum, she could do a lot less harm to us from a prison cell after a trial in Britain than she might be drawn into doing either in Syria or in Bangladesh, which understandably will not take her. 

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Home Secretary may revoke the British citizenship of anyone who was eligible for another nationality, whether or not they held it or wanted it. Almost the entire population of Northern Ireland. Everyone with a great-grandparent born on the island of Ireland. Most of the 50 per cent of children with an Afro-Caribbean parent who also had a white parent. Everyone who was Jewish under the Nuremberg Laws, and therefore under the Israeli Law of Return. And many more besides. 

For example, in the event of Scottish independence, then many millions of us elsewhere in the United Kingdom, who had never lived in Scotland but who had Scottish family backgrounds, would become eligible for Scottish nationality. Our British citizenship would thus become merely provisional, and liable to be revoked whenever the Home Secretary saw fit.