Wednesday, 4 August 2021

The Son Also Rises?

I do not mean these questions rhetorically. I want to know what people think. The Sun is a dreadful rag, but so is The Guardian, so should our people never write for The Guardian, and would that make The Guardian or its readers go away? 

The Sun is complicit is a Hillsborough death toll that now stands at 97, but The Observer cheerled wildly for the Iraq War, which has killed at least a million people, so should our people never write for The Observer, and would that make The Observer or its readers go away? And why is The Sun's complicity in Hillsborough worse than its complicity in the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, each of which was also based on a pack of lies, lies that The Sun and numerous other media outlets peddled relentlessly?

People who would never be asked tweet ostentatiously that they would never appear on GB News, or RT, or the BBC, or whatever, as if anyone cared. But one principle is nonnegotiable. Let there be no truck with, "I'd do it, but I wouldn't take the fee." (In my repeated experience, one of those does not pay, anyway.) Including from The Sun, if you do the work, then you damn well take the trade union rate for the job. I very much hope that Wes Streeting has done so. If he has not, then that is the scandal here.

More broadly, I do not blame Streeting. He cannot be expected to be any better than he is. I do not even hold that he consciously dresses like Keir Starmer. That is just how people like them dress, in the way that the apparel of Jimmy Savile was just how people like him dressed. He had no artifice in these matters, and nor have they.

The Labour Party was founded neither by nor for the working class, never less than 45 per cent of which has always voted Conservative. The Labour Party was founded by and for what would now be called the metropolitan liberal elite, people like Starmer and Streeting, who have always been its most reliable electoral bloc, but who have never been sufficiently numerous to win a General Election on their own.

As the Imperial elite, those founders sought to divide and rule by dividing those whose lands the revenue from the slave trade had enclosed from those who had generated that revenue, by promising the former a few scraps from the Imperial table. After a partial interlude of five years, from 2015 to 2020, that is once again the Labour Party's sales pitch, since, as the City and its network of tax havens, the Empire very much still exists.

But the British working class now looks like the England football team, so no one is buying what Starmer and Streeting are selling. Let Streeting be the next Leader of the Labour Party. Who cares?


  1. You've got their number.

  2. You were going to be Leader of the Labour Party once.