Sunday, 8 August 2021

School Daze No More

While everything that Richard Beard writes about public schools is no doubt true, it is in the running of state schools that the Liberal Establishment in academia and the media meets the right-wing Labour machine in local government.

By all accounts, Jeremy Corbyn turned down several invitations to speak at public schools. George Galloway regularly accepts such invitations. Yet it is impossible to imagine that a state school might offer a platform to anyone from the Left.

From school governing bodies to GB News, we on the Left ought to be bypassing the weedy brains of the Liberal Establishment and the brainless brawn of the municipal Labour Right, in order to secure the representation that had never been afforded by those who had presumed to speak for our people, but never to our people.

Yes, that would indeed involve doing deals with the Conservatives. We could not possibly get less out of them than we had ever managed to get out of the Keir Starmers of the world.

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