Monday, 9 August 2021

Listless Labour

During the Corbyn years, the Labour Right screamed hysterically against anyone who had not held a Labour Party membership card continuously for decades without ever having shown the slightest deviation from the pre-Corbyn party line.

But today, it turns out that Keir Starmer intends to recruit people who had never even considered voting Labour in their lives, put them through some Mandelsonian "training course", and then parachute them into the safe seats that he seems to imagine that Labour will still have in 2024.

A large number of Labour MPs who would have retired in 2019 held on one last time rather than be replaced with supporters of economic equality and international peace. Now, though, they can have no such fears about their successors.

But those successors will be no A-listers. A-list Tories will be on the Tory A-list. There will be an extremely small Labour intake in 2024. Such as there will be, however, will be made up of Z-list Tories.


  1. I hadn't thought of this but you're right. "I've given my life to this party" but now they're going to vote for Starmer's Tory rejects.

    1. If you have given your life to a party, then this is what you have to do for it.