Tuesday, 10 August 2021

A To Z

Who will be the Z-list Conservatives on Keir Starmer's A-list, to be parachuted into what he incomprehensibly imagines will still be safe Labour seats in 2024?

They will be people who had preferred the Coalition's austerity to levelling up, who pined for the war in Libya, who mourned the failure to inflict the same fate on Syria, and who yearned to make levelling up impossible by re-joining Margaret Thatcher's European Single Market.

And they will be people who, despite those views, either would be or already had been unable to make it in the Liberal Democrats, who were always the more pro-austerity and pro-war party in the Coalition, and who are on course to take scores of old Thatcherite strongholds at the next General Election.

The Conservatives will more than offset those losses by holding the seats that they had gained from Labour in 2019, by doubling their majorities in those seats, and by picking up as many again. You know, the remaining "safe Labour seats". Too bad for the Z-list there, then. Too bad for the Z-list there.

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