Friday, 30 July 2021

Better To Die Than Be A Coward

If Jeremy Corbyn had still been the Leader of the Opposition, then he would certainly have been on the picket line with the Gurkha veterans who were on hunger strike for pension justice. He should be there even now, thereby shaming Keir Starmer, who wishes to return to the last Labour Government, which also screwed over the Gurkhas.

Peter Hitchens warned them not to trust the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. He, too, should stand with them now. As, if he wanted to recover any credibility in the suburban and rural Toryland that used to vote for him quite a bit, and which adores the RNLI as much as it adores the Armed Forces, should Nigel Farage. As, since he clearly seeking to rehabilitate himself, should Dominic Cummings.

And as, while he awaited the outcome of his challenge to the result at Batley and Spen, should George Galloway. He would not be joined by the person who was sitting as the MP for that seat even though the matter was still before the courts, something that would never have been happening of the result had been declared the other way.

Having been refused both the Electoral Register, and an appointment to hand in my nomination papers and my deposit, then I would have challenged the result at North West Durham if Labour had held on.

Not dissimilarly, when George last returned to the House of Commons, the then Prime Minister referred to him from the Despatch Box by name, and not as an Honourable Member. The then Speaker said nothing. Some people just do not count. Like the Gurkhas. So we need to stick together.

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