Monday, 14 July 2008

Rogue Elements

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill has been delayed in order to avoid putting off the Catholic voters of Glasgow East. The SNP candidate should be returned there anyway.

That would clear the way for a party (which New Labour cannot be) of social justice and wealth redistribution, of the Union, of unambiguous support for Catholic schools, and of the United Kingdom as something other than a rogue state which has abolished fatherhood, legalised spare parts babies, and licensed human-animal crossbreeding. Where else on earth has the last, in particular, been permitted, or will it ever be?

Academic Marxism long ago gave up on economics and turned its attention to the culture wars instead. But hardly anybody seems to have noticed. The Fourth International was able to take over the Republican Party because no one would ever have looked for it there, and because everyone assumed that it would be in favour of the state control of the economy; in that vein, see Nick Cohen’s endorsement of John McCain, Robert Kagan’s latest vicar on earth, in yesterday’s Observer, because of McCain’s support for the Dark Side in Yugoslavia, against Malcolm Rifkind’s reasons not to back blackshirts or Wahhabi, reasons mysteriously lost on the PNAC crowd.

And the utterly unrepentant old Communist, Trotskyist and fellow-travelling enemies of the sanctity of life, of family values, of national sovereignty, of civil liberties, and so forth have been able to take over the Labour Right and the Lib Dems, and are rapidly taking over the Tories, because no one would ever look for them there, and because everyone assumes that they would be in favour of the state control of the economy.

Nothing could be further from the case: it is precisely the absence of any such control over the economy or anything else that suits their nefarious purposes down to the ground.

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