Sunday, 20 April 2008

What Really Happened

Catholic priests abused very young children, didn't they? They coerced them, didn't they?

Er, no, actually. Catholic priests are significantly less likely than the population at large to do that. Almost without exception, the acts that have brought scandal on the Church were with teenage boys, illegal (rightly, I might add) on age grounds alone. Such acts are incited and defended by the likes of Peter Tatchell, and are glorified on things like Queer As Folk and Clapham Junction.

Quite a number were only illegal in the American states in question because (rightly, I might add) the age of consent there is 18. As good as none would have been illegal in, say, Spain or the Netherlands, more fools the Spanish and the Dutch.

Well might Catholic priests be prosecuted for this sort of thing, but they are practically the only people who ever would be.

And I can't for the life of me see what celibacy has to do with it. Men whose main or only sexual interest is in teenage boys are never going to get married, anyway. Become television writers or producers, yes. Become political activists oddly beyond criticism, yes. But become husbands? Hardly!

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