Thursday, 11 January 2007

Yet more American troops to Iraq!

And I bet we'll follow suit. Military top brass, just order a withdrawal. You and your men would be cheered through the streets on your return. Bush and Blair could find out from the telly, like everyone else. After all, what would they do? With any luck, resign. And take Brown and Cheney with them. President Pelosi. Hurrah!

Speaking of whom, the Republicans seem to have lost the mid-terms on purpose because they now find the Bush Administration such an embarassment. The promise not to impeach Bush was made before this latest madness, and is therefore not binding. Republicans seeking re-election in 2008, think on. And Democrats, beware: the neocons initially attached themselves, in their Trotskyist way, to you. They switched parties because even Clinton was not bomber enough for them. But if you run Clinton II, then they'll be back. Don't do it.

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