Monday, 11 September 2006

Scenes from Village Life: Part I

National and international readers, please omit?

Thanks to, we now know that the following are the views of The Right Honourable Hilary Armstrong MP ( and of her researcher and preferred successor, Neil Fleming (

1. That I have had the Derwentside District Council webforum closed down, and that for the reasons stated on that blog;

2. That I am "practically a member of Labour high command" on DDC, and that the Derwentside Independents are a "non-Opposition" of which I am also "practically a member";

3. That "Labour high command" (including me, apparently) are "statists and syndicalists for their own nationalist and theoconservative reasons", and that "non-Opposition" (including me, apparently) are "nationalists and theoconservatives for their own statist and syndicalist reasons";

4. That Hilary and Fleming are not statists, syndicalists, nationalists or theoconservatives, but rather are "neoconservatives, and proud of it";

5. That I have "more clout than a dozen or more elected Labour Councillors put together" [which ones, exactly, and why?];

6. That Hilary and Fleming believe in "A totally free and unrestricted global market in goods, services, capital and labour";

7. That "All state activity beyond the diplomatic and security spheres to be transferred to private enterprise operating to strict free market principles, with consequent investment in security instead, and reductions in personal and corporate taxation";

8. That "All states recognised as Category 1 (free) by Freedom House to be invited to join Category 1A (subject to annual American and Israeli approval), sharing a free market as defined in 1 and 2 above, the US dollar as at least one form of legal tender, English as at least one official language, common security under American-led command, a common disregard for any resolution of any international body unless ratified by the American and Israeli governments, and a common vote against any resolution not approved in advance by those two governments";

9. That "Category 1A to issue an ultimatum of one year to all Category 4 states, two years to all Category 3 states, three years to all Category 2 states, and four years to all Category 1 states, to seek and gain admission to Category 1A or face regime change to that end, including by means of nuclear weapons strikes";

10. That "The full incorporation into the State of Israel of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and all territory south of the Litani river, with English to replace Arabic as Israel's second official language, and with all non-Jewish populations to be resettled in their allocated state of Jordan";

11. That "The full range of internal security policies, including capital punishment, appropriate to the current state of war against anyone, at home or abroad, who does not assent to all of [6-10] above;

12. That to be anti-capitalist is to be anti-Semitic;

13. That to be anti-Marxist while claiming to be a Socialist is, "among other things", anti-Semitic;

14. That to be anti-liberal is to be anti-Semitic;

15. That to be anti-neoconservative is to be anti-Semitic in at least five ways: directly, by being anti-capitalist, by being anti-liberal, by being anti-Israel and by being anti-American;

16. That to be anti-Israel is obviously to be anti-Semitic and to be anti-American is no less obviously so;

17. That to oppose the triumph of the bourgeoisie (including the triumph of the West and of America within the West) is be anti-Semitic;

18. That to oppose the Revolution (which defines the West now triumphant) is to be anti-Semitic;

19. That "One of us would have to resign from the Government, or the other from the first one’s employ, if we did not believe each of these six propositions in turn [6-11 above], "denouncing David Lindsay by name for his opposition to them" ";

20. That the analysis set out in 12-19 above is "self-evident";

21. That Catholic Social Teaching and Distributism are "self-evidently" anti-Semitic;

22. That I am "self-evidently" a "dangerous" anti-Semite; and

23. That my views as expressed on this blog are anti-Israel and anti-American.


  1. David you have no evidence that these are their views. You are merely using your own delusions (as you have posted on your other website - socialists against Lindsay) to provide your evidence. You can't just go on the internet libelling people - that's not the sort of behaviour that anyone would want to see in anyone elected to any form of office, whether at your current parish level or that which you seek to achieve. Please seek help urgently.

  2. The only libels here are yours against me, including your suggestions that I am libelling Hilary or Fleming. Even if I am wrong, then I am still not being defamatory.

    But I am not wrong. They have had ample time to counteract these points, and have consistently declined to do so. So, at least until they tell me otherwise (in which case, why have they not done so before?), these are their known and stated views. If you don't like those views, then don't vote for, or otherwise support, people who hold them.

  3. How can they be their "stated views" when you acknowledge that they have not responded. You are writing utter nonsense. You are just blinded by your jealousy that two hard working genuine people are well respected when your deluded and quite frankly nefarious methods of communication have brought nothing but widespread scorn for you that. Just give it up David. Go and get some help and you might have a chance for the future that you strive for.

  4. Hilary and Fleming are hard-working, genuine and well-respected? Pull the other one! You're sounding like the inhabitants of the Blair Bunker, suggesting that he go on a farewell tour of the grateful, tearful, adoring nation.

    But this isn't about personality. It is about political opinions. And these are theirs. If not, then they would have said so. They ahve had nothing if not ample opportunity.