Monday, 10 January 2022

Stay Alert

An outdoor Downing Street event would have been policed up to its eyeballs. The questions for the Met cannot be ignored any longer. No one objects to a congenial working environment, but they are not there as private security guards. They are the Police.

Angela Rayner has now called on Boris Johnson to resign, but Keir Starmer has still not done so. Here's hoping that Starmer will pull another sickie on Wednesday, so that Rayner could repeat her call to Johnson from the Despatch Box at Prime Minister's Questions.


  1. It was bring your own booze, they carried all those bottles and cans past scores of coppers just to get in.

    1. Oliver Dowden has been made a fool of. He should quit, and deliver a vicious resignation statement to the House. He won't. But he should.