Sunday, 9 January 2022

Nothing To Lose But Their Cheneys?

The 2020 Democratic National Convention featured several of the same speakers as the Republican National Convention of 1996. But we had seen nothing yet. Expect the 2024 Democratic National Convention to be addressed by Dick Cheney.

Barack Obama's tenuous connection to Bill Ayers looks very amateur indeed compared to Donald Trump's role in a far from hypothetical attack on the Capitol, yet the midterms look set to be good for Trump's party, which now stands for nothing except the view that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen.

If the Republicans took back the House, in particular, then that would look like a declaration by the majority of those who had voted that it continued to acknowledge Trump as the rightful President of the United States. But what else is there? Dick Cheney?


  1. When Biden won there was supposed to be a civil war, when Trump won, when Obama won, when Bush won.

    1. All century, yes. America is in a bad way, but she is resilient. America is resilient, but she is in a bad way.