Monday, 10 January 2022

Maxed Out?

Labour has run pro-independence candidates in Wales, but it is not much of an issue there. Doing so in Scotland would be an announcement of indifference on the biggest issue by far. Who would vote for a party like that?

Devo-max is broadly what the Liberal Democrats have been proposing forever, and how well have they done out of it? Gordon Brown has a long history of failing to write proper safeguards into things, with many a chicken having come home to roost.

A Jeremy Corbyn Party would carry into itself the factional disputes on the Left over many issues, including Scottish independence, with all of those disputes rooted in the one over whether to give priority to class politics or to identity politics.

If the Union were so illegitimate as to warrant devo-max, then how could fiscal transfers continue? In the struggle for economic equality, the leading role belongs to the working class. In the struggle for international peace, the leading role belongs to the working class and the youth. Unity must therefore be maintained within and between the working class and the youth, including against any separatist tendency in England, Scotland or Wales.

Those in Scotland, or indeed in Wales, who continued to hold that view should most obviously now be supporting the Workers Party of Britain. Those of you in Scotland who must vote for a party that supported independence, make it Alba.