Friday, 5 November 2021

Pull Up The Chairs

Count the spoons whenever anyone says "woke". They are probably going to do the opposite of what they are saying, if they are not already doing it. Is the Government going to create a position for Professor Kathleen Stock? Well, there you are, then.

Or are one or more Peers or backbench MPs going to offer her a Professorial Fellowship in their offices, with a remit to carry on doing what she has been doing? It might have to be called something else officially, but the pay would be as near as possible to her previous rate, and she would enjoy the closest thing to academic freedom that the rules would allow. Is that going to happen? Again, then, there you are.

The same applies to supposedly pro-Palestinian parliamentarians, and to ostensible opponents of the neoconservatives' pro-Wahhabi war in Syria. The University of Bristol's own lawyer found that Professor David Miller had no case to answer, yet he is still out of his job. Where is his Professorial Fellowship in Parliament?

There are a lot of by-elections coming up. At least one of them needs to be won by a candidate who promised to restore both Professor Stock and Professor Miller to their proper eminence.


  1. They'd have these jobs in your office.

    George is going very "workers not wokers".