Friday, 12 November 2021

Pointing To What?

A six point Labour lead in one poll is not a pattern, and even this is only because of sleaze. But there is not going to be a General Election before the spring of 2023, and there does not need to be one for another year after that. Labour is back under the control of the faction that sold peerages and all the rest of it, so that is plenty of time for all sorts of things to come out.

It would also be plenty of time in which to talk about policy, but that would involve having any, or at least being prepared to admit what they were. Labour's policies are permanent austerity at home, and forever war abroad. It is no wonder that the party wants to talk about something else instead.


  1. Let's wait for some real votes to be cast.

    1. Indeed. The Conservatives are looking at a slew of by-election holds, followed by the next stage in the collapse of Labour's municipal base.