Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Dim, But Not Nice

Prime Minister's Questions saw outright lies about Labour's ever having had a policy of leaving NATO (it will eventually be the Conservatives who did that, not before time), or about any Labour MP's ever having wanted to "abolish the Army".

Like defunding the Police, it is the Conservatives who have now been doing that, slowly but surely and now with increasing intensity, for 11 years and counting. They are bang to rights on defence cuts, and Boris Johnson knows it, so he just has to bluster and lie.

Some Harry Enfield caricature called Robert Jenrick, who used to be in the Cabinet but who was so bent that even Johnson had to sack him, asked about,"a nuclear-ready Iran within days or weeks." What, again? If it is not looming environmental catastrophe, then it is this.

Although how an Iranian Bomb, of which there has never been the slightest prospect, would be Britain's problem, who knows? Still, we have always loved a good scare story in this country, no doubt because we have so very rarely been under any real threat.


  1. Sacked for being a crook even by Johnson's standards, but he's a neocon so anyone still listens to him.

    1. With any luck, Johnson is doing what he does and just making the noises.