Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Trust Issues

I am told that there is a battle for the soul of the National Trust since it started doing history, of all things. 

Well, consider the history of the National Trust. It was founded out of the Fabian Society, and its fundamental principle is a long way from tea-and-cake Toryism, never mind the more zealous Rightism of more recent decades.

In my long ago days as a member of the Labour Party, under the people who are now back in control of it, then complaints about the high cost of membership were invariably answered that it was "still cheaper than the National Trust", to which it was broadly assumed that Labour Party members would also belong.

Of course, Labour Party membership was far more expensive than Conservative Party membership. But one would not have wanted the riffraff traipsing all over the antique carpet, would one?


  1. Tories never really found, invent or discover anything, do they?

    1. Very rarely, but then they do not claim to. They see their own role as being to conserve.