Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Lessons Learned To Date?

Boris Johnson is surrounded by the "libertarian" and "contrarian" opinion writers of whom he used to one, and to whose ranks he will eventually return. Already working from home, they whinged and whined about being denied the pub, and they got their own way for a length of time that can be measured in mass fatalities.

But Jeremy Hunt, sore that Johnson beat him for Leader, sore that Johnson did not bring him back as Health Secretary after Matt Hancock, and sore that Johnson did not bring him back as Foreign Secretary after Dominic Raab, was Health Secretary in October 2016, when Exercise Cygnus exposed woeful unpreparedness for a pandemic, and when its report was suppressed and ignored.

Of course the Government should have fallen today. But of course it did not. After all, what would we put in its place? Will the "human rights lawyer" and sometime Director of Public Prosecutions who purports to be the Leader of the Opposition now call for the prosecution for corporate manslaughter of those who discharged Covid-19 patients from hospitals into care homes? Well, there you are, then.


  1. Not even the lead item on either the 6 o'clock news or Channel 4.

    1. This country has some of the best curated media in the world.