Thursday, 7 October 2021

In Black and White

The more glaring examples of Britain's poisonous relationship with Saudi Arabia, the better. Allied to that, we cannot object to any degree of Islamism, whether in Afghanistan or anywhere else. Let every visitor to St James' Park be confronted with that sorry fact. Although they would be brave to set foot there now. As of today, it is a major target for everyone in the world who has a grievance against the dominant faction within the House of Saud.

Plenty of other clubs are owned or sponsored by ghastly people. It is notable how often, as also in this case, they seem to lead back to Tony Blair, who used to pretend to be a Newcastle United supporter because people found it amusing not to tell him that it was mostly Sunderland or Middlesbrough in Sedgefield. But Blair never did claim to have sat in the all-standing Gallowgate and watched Jackie Milburn play when in fact he had been four years old and living in Australia when Milburn had retired. I wish that that were true. Alas, though, it is not.


  1. Richard Holden being thanked by name on Twitter for making this possible, well worth looking into.

    1. Links to Saudi Arabia? Let's take a look. The Labour Party certainly won't. It no longer can.