Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Credit, Worthy

"Pay proper wages instead of relying on the State to top up low pay," certainly takes me back, and is of course perfectly sound, although the Government seems to have no plan to force the matter, and in any case it is of no use to the workers whose Universal Credit was cut today.

Who defines unskilled work? The economy would collapse overnight without it, and a lot of us would pay a lot more than minimum wage or Universal Credit to see Boris Johnson or Keir Starmer try and do it. It is also startling how much of it seems to be done by people who are female, or from an ethnic minority, or both.


  1. BoJo and Keef flipping burgers or cleaning bogs? I'd love it, I'd love it so much.

    1. The reality television of all our dreams and nightmares.