Saturday, 11 September 2021

Twenty Years On

When George W. Bush says that he is "comfortable" with the decision that he made, because there has been no further attack on the United States, then he pointedly fails to mention Afghanistan. He withdrew American forces from Saudi Arabia, and there has been no further attack on the United States by those who were funded and directed by dissident, or merely disgruntled, members of the House of Saud.

If CAGE are "apologists for terror", then even more so are Policy Exchange, as the terrorised peoples of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya could attest. If either is to be cancelled and no-platformed, then so should the other. And interviewed out of character, Royston Vasey has called for Tony Blair to be "hung" for the Iraq War, a war that he denounced fulsomely as Roy "Chubby" Brown, to the wild applause of his audiences. The Blue Blairites of Policy Exchange have never booked him to entertain their Christmas party, and they never will.


  1. There's a don't mention the war side to not mentioning the Saudis on this one.

    1. Quite literally so, in fact. And the Saudis are still at it, of course.