Sunday, 5 September 2021

The Loser Standing Small

Three of the four members of ABBA are older than Jeremy Corbyn, and the fourth is less than a year younger, so there is plenty of hope for him yet. Corbyn had probably been planning to retire in 2024, when he will be 75, and when he will have been an MP for 41 years. But Lisa Nandy, whom he overpromoted, has promised to campaign door to door for any Labour candidate against him.

Nandy also bangs on about the fictitious Iranian nuclear weapons programme. That fixation makes her the authentic voice of the only party in the world, including in Israel, openly to require Mossad approval merely in order to join. This month, that party will go far beyond the last Israeli Government, never mind the present one, by resolving to invade the Gaza Strip.

For all his many faults and failings, Corbyn simply has to stand again now, so as to wipe the floor with that. And who might be its candidate against him? Also overpromoted was the man for whose Prime Ministerial ambitions the BBC has been campaigning for 15 years. At South Shields, he took Labour from 45 per cent of the eligible vote at his first outing to a mere 30 at his last. Might he do better at Islington North? Step forward, David Miliband.


  1. Any contest between Corbyn and a Labour candidate would overshadow the whole Election and drive millions of left-wing voters away from Labour but this one, Corbyn v Miliband, might be worth it.

    1. Millions of left-wingers have no intention of voting Labour, anyway. This contest, if it could be so described, would be worth anything. And Corbyn is still a Labour Party member. By calling for a candidate against him, Nandy has autoexcluded herself. Or if not, why not?