Thursday, 9 September 2021

Telling Them Apart

The next time that Gavin Williamson was due to meet the new President of the National Education Union, Daniel Kebede, then the latter ought to send along Marcus Rashford, or Maro Itoje, or Lenny Henry, or any other black man at all, just to see whether or not the Secretary of State could tell the difference. But Williamson is not a racist. He is just thick.

If he were not, then he would be countering the ridicule from the other side by demanding the publication of the Forde Report. People have it, and they cannot all be that happy with the present Labour "Leadership". It ought to be published online the evening before the start of the Labour Party Conference. Among other things, that ought to stop the ratification of David Evans as General Secretary. Not even Doreen Lawrence could save him after that. Would she even want to?

Keir Starmer has traded on the reputation of Baroness Lawrence, so might that be the reason why the Forde Report has never been published? Does he fear her reaction? If so, then that says a very great deal about what its content must be like. And what does he have to say to her call for Cressida Dick's contract not to be extended, and for drastic changes from top to bottom in the Metropolitan Police and in the Independent Office for Police Conduct? What does she say to his reaction, of which his silence would be, and so far is, a form?


  1. One of Lawrence's cosignatories is Paul Gambaccini, who says he's going to contest Starmer's seat. Awkward.

    1. That seat is going to be very well worth watching. Very well worth watching, indeed.