Thursday, 9 September 2021

Taxing Times

When, exactly, were the Conservatives ever "the party of low taxation"? The questions have always been who was taxed, how, and in order to spend money on what.

Labour in government has been as guilty of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats of answering those questions incorrectly, although the Conservatives' record is the worst simply because they have spent so much more time in government.

Yet to preserve the fiction of "low tax Tories", a grand total of five Conservative MPs voted against the Government last night. Five. There were 37 absentees, but that will have been what most of them were, and even 37 was not all that many.

There were around 15 explicit rebels, five of whom voted against, while 10 or so who abstained, and two of the five had already been expected to retire in 2024.


  1. The Tory papers are in meltdown about "Cobalt Corbyn" but where else do they have to go?

    1. For someone like Camilla Tominey or Allister Heath, this is now a put up or shut up moment. Stand for Parliament. Contest Boris Johnson's seat. Between him and one of them, whom would the Daily Telegraph endorse, and why?