Friday, 3 September 2021

Missing A Heartbeat

I might enthuse over the Texan Heartbeat Law when it prevented a single abortion. As is being widely pointed out, it fails to address the causes of abortion in economic inequality. And everything about it is an obvious product of the subculture that came to be defined by devotion to Donald Trump.

Like Trump himself, his devotees are very recent converts to opposition to abortion, they have no real connection to the pro-life movement, they have no apparent desire to find out anything about it, and they campaign for measures that it would never advocate, such as the provisions of this legislation.

On abortion even more than on anything else, Trump and the Trumpians are painfully obviously on the run from intensely personal aspects of their own pasts. There are ways of addressing that. But they refuse to find out what those ways are, much less pursue them.

Still, if it saved one life. But not until then.


  1. It's the strangest law I've ever heard of.

    1. I'd see the point of its bizarre provisions when they achieved anything in practice.