Sunday, 5 September 2021

Ich Dien? Eich Dyn?

Prince Charles is the most effective politician in Britain. For 20 and more years, he has been quietly but assiduously creating a Court Party that is now as powerful as any faction in the land.

For example, his views on architecture used to be laughed at, but it is now inconceivable that any development could be approved if he had taken against it, and that has been the case for quite some time.

In the exercise of such power, he learned from his own recently deceased father and from Lord Mountbatten, while his own heir is already proving more than worthy.

Lazy commentators still insinuate that Charles is unpopular, but they no longer say that in so many words. It has been a good decade since the public decided that Charles and Camilla were National Treasures.

An entire generation probably thinks that Charles has only ever been married to Camilla, who must therefore be the mother of his sons. Dianistas are of Diana's own vintage, and she would now have been 60.

It recently became clear that there were no meaningful dividing lines among Camilla's family, Charles's court, the governing party of the United Kingdom, and that Government itself.

No one was remotely surprised. Charles will soon be King, so he needs to keep in with the people who are going to be in government for the whole of his reign. He is doing precisely that.

Such clout, however, attracts the wrong sort, and Britain has a poisonous relationship with Saudi Arabia. If today's last hurrah of the Silly Season achieved anything, then it would be to begin the process of expelling that toxin from our body politic. Do not hold your breath.