Saturday, 4 September 2021

Accept No Less

The regime in Gaza is atrocious, but there are a lot of atrocious regimes in the world. That is not why the Labour Party Conference is set to pass a motion calling for regime change in Gaza.

Such change could be brought about only by such military force as would cause a World War. But almost anyone who might stand up to this madness will have somewhere better to be. Mercifully, therefore, no one with any real power or influence is going to pay it any attention.

Between a party that defined itself by its fanatical belief in permanent austerity at home and in forever war abroad, and a party that was at least open to the concepts of levelling up and of foreign policy restraint, then the lesser evil at the next General Election is going to be obvious to fighters for economic equality and for international peace.

But even where it is inescapable, voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil. Anti-industrial Greenery and gender self-identification remain mildly controversial inside the Labour Party. Whereas the Conservative Party is signed up to them lock, stock and barrel. Wherever possible, we need to organise our own candidates.


  1. No way around it is there? Organise one of our own candidates where we can, but otherwise vote Tory to keep Starmer out.