Friday, 12 February 2021

Report Cards

The Electoral Commission's delaying tactics in relation to the registration of Black Lives Matter are expressions of the well-founded fear that a BLM list for the London Assembly would take hundreds of thousands of votes, and quite possibly half a million.

Much the same thinking lies behind the decision of the Labour Party to delay indefinitely the publication of the report of the Forde Inquiry. Keir Starmer's Brexit policy caused the Red Wall to collapse, and now his very existence is going to cause the collapse of the Black Wall.

By the way, I cannot receive a fair trial of allegations by one of my latest accusers until the Forde Report has been published and digested, since its contents will go to the heart of his credibility, and specifically to that of his longstanding tendency to subject me to racial abuse. My other accuser already does not have any credibility, having withdrawn under cross-examination last year her fundamental allegation against me, and being held in undisguised contempt by the people on whose respect for her authority her employment depends.

But, as is the matter to be tried this time, hers was the last minute "evidence" of my propensity that secured my conviction last year in the absence of any real evidence whatever, despite the right-wing Labour machine's having given itself three years in which to find any. I have to be guilty this year, or I could not have been guilty last year. But I am not, and I was not. See you in the Court of Appeal.

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