Sunday, 14 February 2021

Rak Kach?

Imagine that this had happened in the other direction. Or that Iran, or China, or Russia, or indeed almost anywhere, had done something like this in Britain.

Yet not only has this happened, but Benjamin Netanyahu has also negotiated an agreement between two Far Right parties, effectively guaranteeing their election to the Knesset next month. There, they will of course support Likud.

One of those parties is Otzma Yehudit, Jewish Power, which is the latest vehicle for Kahanism. If you need to, then look up Rabbi Meir Kahane. You will see why he was banned from Britain.

His devoted heirs are about to enter government in Israel, where his party used to be outlawed. One of them has already been refused entry to the United States as a terrorist.

Yet we fret about Marine Le Pen, who stands no chance of winning the second round, and whose country's nuclear weapons do at least officially exist. It is not French flags that are now on display at every white supremacist event in the world.

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