Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Gorgeous and Urgent?

Always supported by the same people in the United Kingdom and in the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel are now formally allied. 

The global nerve centre of Sunni Islamist terrorism, which is one of the two main threats here in Britain, is now formally allied to the idol of the other such threat, the state whose flag is never absent from the manifestations of the global Far Right.

John Woodcock, Baron Walney ought to host a wedding breakfast, with a toast proposed by Dr Adel Batterjee of Jeddah. It is possible that there are two Doctors Adel Batterjee of Jeddah. If so, then I apologise in advance to you, gentle reader. But not to either of them.

If they are indeed the same person, then he is both a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Mankind Quarterly, which is a linchpin of racist pseudo-academia, and the founder of the Benevolence International Foundation, which was a fake charity that was placed under UN sanctions because it was a front for funding al-Qaeda.

Also on that Editorial Advisory Board is Mankind Quarterly's former Editor, Ed Dutton, whom I knew at university, and whose eugenic views would seem to sit ill with the fact that he has been disabled for as long as I have known him, and quite possibly all his life.

Ed recently secured the publication of this masterpiece in Evolutionary Psychological Science. On the Editorial Board of that is Professor Steven Pinker, the Johnstone Professor of Psychology at Harvard, who has very recently written:

"Oliver Kamm's urbanity, erudition and compassion are raised to the power of two in Mending the Mind. He put them to work in crafting this gorgeous and urgent book, and on every page they remind us of his moral that enviable gifts are no protection against the affliction of depression."

Kamm, Pinker, Dutton, Batterjee. Batterjee, Dutton, Pinker, Kamm. Truly, an Axis of Evil.

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