Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Fluttering Is Not Flattering

Saint George's Flag, not the Union Flag, is displayed here along the Red Wall in connection with international football matches. But you are no more likely to see a "Union Jack" here than anywhere else. That is to say, not very.

That flag was never used in political activity until the morning of 2nd May 1997, in the aftermath of which the Conservatives dismissed the practice as foreign while deriding it as almost unspeakably vulgar. 

But Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer think that it goes down particularly well here in what are now the key swing seats. That is because they have never been here.

When it comes to the next General Election, then Johnson is going to have done a lot more for us than merely having sat or stood in front of a flag. He will not have done so.

And Starmer is going have to make us a much better offer than the mere sight of his face with a flag in the background. He will not do so.

I am the Independent prospective parliamentary candidate for North West Durham.

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