Friday, 6 November 2020

Solitary Confinement

We are ruled by a new class of luxury hermits. Economic, cultural and political power are wielded by people who have no face-to-face social lives whatever. None. At all. 

With the end of Eat Out to Help Out, they no longer even go to restaurants. They work entirely from home. They have everything delivered to their door. They are only ever one click away from their entertainment. If they fancied taking exercise, then they have plenty of private space. Beyond the garden, they need not go out in a fortnight, or even in a month. 

You can already be a company director like this. You can already be a newspaper columnist like this; indeed, which of those is not? And you can already be a Member of Parliament like this, just dialling in whenever you felt like speaking or voting. 

I supported the first lockdown. My objections to this one are its imposition too late, the fact that that will make it far longer than it should have been, and the intention to return to the iniquitous tier system once it is over. But there are also far bigger issues to address. 

If anything, then we ought to be grateful that the lockdowns have exposed those issues. I am a declared and active candidate for the parliamentary seat of North West Durham at the next General Election. Please give generously.

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