Friday, 6 November 2020

So One-Sided, Too

No one who had ever dealt with the right-wing machine of a relatively or nominally leftish party would ever dismiss out of hand an allegation that such a machine had committed electoral fraud. At the very least, that would be worthy of investigation. For example, by a journalist. 

Might there be any journalists available? You know, people who did not refuse to look into something precisely because they suspected that they might find some wrongdoing if they did? The President of the United States has alleged fraud in the election of the President of the United States. But the media reaction is to cut him off while peremptorily dismissing his claims as "baseless". 

Those claims may be wrong. But by definition, they are not baseless. Their basis is that the President has made them. They ring true to millions of us around the world who have dealt with broadly the same political tendency in our time. So the task of interrogating them falls to the free press. Would that there were one.

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