Sunday, 8 November 2020

Little Evidence?

The proper Left is having none of this. We despised the Clinton Administration. We thought barely, if at all, better of the Obama Administration. And we are going to have no time for a Biden Administration that will at best be halfway between the two. 

Moreover, check the shifting official vocabulary about the dodgy ballots. The BBC, for example, has now reached "little evidence". In a very short time, things have come a very long way from "baseless". We know about the people who stand accused here. We know that they do these things, because mostly they do them to us.

American Republicans, British Conservatives, and so on, are less aware, and Donald Trump, who came into politics only in his sixties, has no idea. But we are fully aware. We know all about it. We know what happens to people who dissent from corporate globalisation and its wars, because, perennially, we are those people.

Like the not uncommon physical violence against us, things like ballot-rigging are done by the people who, in British terms, are in it for the better council houses, for the cushier jobs with the council, for the councillors' allowances, for the Council Tax, for the business rates, for the pension funds looking to invest, for the backhanders and other sweeteners from property developers and others, and so on.

South of the Border and east of the Irish Sea, the Labour Right's control of most of the largest municipal authorities makes it unique among political factions in having that kind of financial and fiscal base.

Nationally, those crooks and thugs act in alliance with the people who have to pretend that American culture wars that in reality were barely being waged in America were also definitive of a British politics to which they were entirely alien. As if Boris Johnson wanted to ban abortion, or the party that to an entire generation of MPs was defined by having introduced same-sex marriage now wanted to repeal it. 

This is the basis on which they get out the only votes that interest them, cast as those votes are by people who would be actively hostile to a more egalitarian economic policy or to a more pacific foreign policy. Supposedly, they got where they were by "education, education, education", so hang everyone else. And recalcitrant countries that failed to suit both their economic interests and their cultural tastes needed to be bombed into line.

Lavish corporate funding is of course readily available to politicians of this stripe, as is the generosity of the kind of individuals who make six-figure donations to causes because they can. For example, the ones who funded Keir Starmer's Leadership campaign. 

Along the Red Wall, and emboldened by events in the United States, the municipal right-wing Labour machines, essentially in politics for the money and for the opportunity to swagger around as local Messrs Big, intend to use every trick in the book to replace the Conservatives who had won in 2019, as well as some Labour MPs, with Starmer's ideological fanatics who will have been imposed as Labour parliamentary candidates.

Therefore, between now and 2024, it is absolutely imperative that Labour lose control of those councils. Ward by ward, vote for whoever was best-placed to defeat the Labour Party. And I am a declared and active candidate for the parliamentary seat of North West Durham at the next General Election. Please give generously.

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