Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Contain The Surge?

After four weeks, the plan is to go back to the tier system. A national lockdown, complete with the furlough scheme, but only when London and the South East need it. The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats voted for this lockdown on that understanding. 

The rest of us can have decided the 2016 referendum, the 2017 General Election, and the 2019 General Election, but we are still only talked about rather than spoken to, and certainly not permitted to answer back. Although we did not like this kind of thing from Governments that did not owe us anything electorally, we could put up with it. But ours are the key swing seats now, and it is something else to be treated like this by our dependants. 

Now that London and the South East need it, the money is available for furlough again. Of course, it always was. A sovereign state with its own free floating, fiat currency has as much of that currency as it chooses to issue to itself, and it can use taxes and interest rates to control inflation. That is what taxes and interest rates are for. 

This is the understanding on which all wars are fought. This is the understanding on which Labour’s London and the Tories’ Home Counties can have anything they want. The money is always there. It does not “have to be paid back”. It came from the State in the first place. That is what money is. All money is government debt. It says so on the banknotes. 

And if Labour London and the Tory shires can have as much of it as they please, then so can we. I am a declared and active Independent candidate for the parliamentary seat of North West Durham at the next General Election. Please give generously.

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